Sungshin Remicon Co., Ltd.


Sustainable Management

Sustainable Management

Social contributions

Sungshin strives to do our best to fulfill our social responsibilities, such as contributing to the revitalization of local economy, etc.

Sungshin Remicon has established the strategic concept of “Sungshin Remicon Social Contribution House” to return the trust and belief from customers and local communities to society and promote coexisting with the local communities. We continuously and actively sympathize with the issues of local communities and share the profits generated from our business activities with the local communities to promote coexisting with them. We ultimately aim to grow together with local communities based on the core values of empathy, sharing, and coexistence.
  • Cultivation of future talents

    • Donated a scholarship fund to the ‘Danyang Scholarship Association’
    • Sponsored local elementary, middle, and high schools and educational and cultural facilities for young people
    • Opened the Sungshin High School
  • Neighborhood sharing

    • Having a campaign for the purchase of local agricultural products
    • Donating blood on a regular basis
    • Conducting free meal volunteer activities for the homeless
  • Together with our community

    • Employees’ donation activity 'Collecting Coins'
    • Disaster recovery assistance
    • Donating to the local community