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Sustainable Management

Sustainable Management

Environmental management

Sungshin Remicon continues to strive to carry out sustainable and eco-friendly corporate activities while valuing the future environment.

In addition to creating corporate values in Korea, we will enact and implement the following environmental management policies in order to carry out sustainable and eco-friendly corporate activities while prioritizing the benefits of nature on worldwide and valuing the future environment.

STEP01. Environmental Product Declaration

The Environmental Product Declaration quantifies the environmental impact of the entire process of products and services, such as collection, production, transportation / distribution, use, disposal, etc. of raw materials, in order to improve the environmental friendliness of the products and services.

STEP02. Low Carbon Product Certification

Low-carbon products are judged to be in conformity with the notification of ‘standards for low-carbon products’ (carbon footprint value is less than the maximum allowable carbon emission or more than the minimum carbon reduction rate) among all the products that have received the Environmental Product Declaration.

Our Certificates

Our Certificates Target Products Certification Period
Low-carbon product 25-21-150 2020. 12. 18 ~ 2023. 12. 17
25-30-150 2020. 12. 28 ~ 2023. 12. 17