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Ready-mixed concrete business

Sungshin Remicon Co., Ltd.
takes the lead in the advancement of the ready-mixed concrete business.

Ready-mixed concrete is unhardened concrete that is produced from a specialized concrete factory and then delivered to the site by a mixer truck. In response to the trend of architectural structures getting larger and higher, Sungshin Remicon Co., Ltd. develops and supplies high-performance and high-quality special ready-mixed concrete products.
In addition, we are taking the lead in the advancement of ready-mixed concrete by producing cold weather concrete, hot weather concrete, etc. through the seasonally differentiated concrete mix design system and facilities optimized for the system.

Type of ready-mixed concrete

Type Characteristic
Ordinary Concrete It is concrete made of ordinary aggregates with the unit mass of about 2,300kg/㎥, referring to 18 to 35MPa in KS F 4009.
Lightweight Concrete It is concrete made with some or all of lightweight aggregates (both natural and artificial lightweight aggregates) to lighten the weight of structures or to increase the thermal insulation effect.
Pavement Concrete It is concrete casted evenly and densely, taking into account durability against weather conditions or traffic loads, which has good flatness in consideration of traffic vehicles' drivability.
High Strength Concrete It is concrete with the high strength of 40MPa or more required for high-rise, large-scale, and long-span concrete structures (The strength of the high-strength lightweight aggregate concrete is more than 27 MPa).
Low Heat Concrete It is concrete that can suppress cracks as much as possible while lowering the heat of hydration by mixing fly ash, blast furnace slag powder, etc. with cement to prevent the occurrence of the cracks caused by the heat of hydration and drying shrinkage of concrete.
Anti-Washout Underwater Concrete It is watertight and durable concrete with strong viscosity and fluidity added to the concrete to prevent material separation from occurring, such as leakage of cement into water, etc., when placing underwater concrete.
Cold Weather Concrete It is concrete that can be casted even in winter by maintaining the temperature of the concrete at an appropriate level as there is a concern that not only the setting and hardening reaction of the concrete is delayed, but also the concrete may freeze when the average daily temperature is below 4℃.
Hot Weather Concrete It is concrete that can be casted even in summer by preventing cracks and slump (flow) loss that may occur due to the temperature rise of concrete in summer when the daily average temperature exceeds 25℃.
Mass Concrete It is concrete used when there is a risk of cracking due to the temperature rise caused by the cement's heat of hydration in the case where the concrete is casted into members or structures with considerably large cross-sectional dimensions.
Shotcrete It applies mortar by spraying with compressed air, and its types include cement gun, bonsuctor, jetcrete, etc. In addition, it is concrete used for thin wall coating, steel rust prevention, etc. by polishing the surface of assembled re-bars and steel.
Heavy Weight Concrete It is concrete whose dry bulk density is usually over 2600kg/㎥, which is larger than that of ordinary concrete. As it is mainly used for radiation shielding, it is also referred to as shielding concrete.
Water Tight Concrete It is concrete made to have a high density in itself and to be durable and waterproof, making it prevent the infiltration of rainwater. It is characterized by 50% or less of water-cement ratio, high resistance to alkali, seawater, and freezing and thawing, preventing weathering, and lastly less harm caused by electric current.
Preplaced Concrete It is concrete made by filling coarse aggregates tightly in a mold in advance and then injecting mortar with good fluidity into the mold through a pipe at a moderate pressure.
Precast Concrete It is ready-made concrete by curing members, such as columns, beams, slabs, etc., manufactured through iron molds in a factory equipped with fixed installations equipped with fixed facilities in a hot and humid electric curing room for a short period of time.
Prestressed Concrete It is ready-made concrete made by stretching and placing high-strength piano wires or twisted iron wires, instead of re-bars, inside the concrete by jacks, etc., and then by casting concrete.

Required amount of ready-mixed concrete by architectural usage of the building

Classification Required amount of ready-mixed concrete per 1㎡ Required amount of ready-mixed concrete per 3.3㎡ Remarks
range average
Apartment 0.50 ~ 0.60 0.55 1.82
Townhouse, Commercial and Residential House 0.40 ~ 0.60 0.50 1.65
Building (Steel Frame) 0.55 ~ 0.65 0.60 1.98
Building (R/C) 0.60 ~ 0.70 0.65 2.15
School 0.45 ~ 0.55 0.50 1.65
Factory 0.45 ~ 0.55 0.50 1.65